Meme’s today. Writers block. Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh.

Meme’s today. Writers block. Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh.



There is a virus called “Cough cough”, it has hit the Gmod severs and Rust server and it forces you to download a virus. Valve force shut down the servers to Gmod and put up a update. Which it is not working, for the time being nobody play on Gmod online. The virus has been known to steal money from your steam wallet along with change all your icons and background. By any means this is not a joke, if you want to see if you have it check the console for Cough Cough. You’ve been warned.

Well good grief. Thanks for the warning. So how do we check our console and what do we look for?

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I don’t even know why i made this, I don’t even know why I use 5 year old molding clay. I DON’T KNOW WHY I POSTED THIS! BUT HEY IT IS A THING! BUY IT! :D BECAUSE ART! :D I think I lost it.

Hey I think it looks interesting. XD

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People usually ask me how to draw, and the most important rule I can tell them is this:

listen to something dumb and silly (can help if it’s catchy too), and make sure you loop it over and over and over and over.

Had to be done.

Steppin’ on chest meat

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No word from the island Officials had been made just yet. But it had only been one day since the rescue team had successfully returned. Since all manner of communication were down and or disabled, those within the RP House walls expected some sort of courier. But the brave soul would have to run, jump, leap and dance through a menagerie of enemy fire so messages could be relayed. But no message had come. At least not yet. Right now the plan was defend the building but eventually that plan itself would fail as both sides will eventually over run the island and finally the boarding house. There had to be a surgically offensive strike to cripple one or perhaps both armies in order to obtain some breathing room.

There was the occasional break in by either Hellghasts or Chimera scouts. These were quickly dealt with thanks to Slim’s sentry nest. The robot masters were given credit as well for defending against invasions. Franky suggested a sort of bug zapper for the crawlers that were getting through the molding along the floors. So, they threw together a rough looking human sized contraption in the back yard and out front. These were guarded by a wish granted through Rahbie so nothing could damage them. In time a small mound of crawlers were noticed just bellow the traps all scorched and lifeless. Of course the electrical output was over kill, but it worked.

For the Pokegirls, it was a challenge to relax and be able to make small talk with those around them. It was either “ Stay away from the window” or “ Turn off that light”. Despite the slow down at the border, the situation was still tense and defending a large building such as their home made for some restless nights. The rule was do not go anywhere in the building alone. Tony kept a close eye on Felicia, Aisha, and a number of others. Lavy had started to admire the way he defended his section, and Crystal also found herself blushing when he made eye contact with her. Evony watched as he paced around, trying to find some way to calm down, but didn’t dare drop his guard.

Evony: ( Speaking up, to Tony) Come, sit with us.

Tony: Hm? I don’t know if I can sit still long enough, Evony. I feel like I need to be ready for anything when some random explosion happens.

Crystal: ( Blushing ) B-but you’ve been pacing all day.~ You should at least take a break.~

Lavy: Come over and warm up. You can take a small break, can’t you? ( Grinning at him)

Tony: Well…okay.~ ( Kitty grins as he sat on the couch near them, leans back) Aaaahhh.~ Oh man…everything’s been a whirlwind since we got back.

Lavy: True but we have the best watch tiger we could ask for.~ ( Grinning)

Tony: Aaawww come on. ( Chuckling)

Crystal: Its true.~ ( Smiling) You’ve been nothing but good to us since we met. You treat us the same as you do Felicia and Aisha.~

Evony: Granted I didn’t mind watching you as you paced around.~ ( Had a sly grin) Having always lived in the Reservation I didn’t know beastkin men like you were so nice to look at.~

Tony: O-oh, well… heeehehehehehee.~ ( Lips curling into a catty grin, his ears twitch) What’s that scratching noise?

The couch sat in the middle of the room, what used to be the third floor lounge was converted into a defense point. The air conditioning was blown in through vents. The scratching noise could be heard from there. Tony clamped the shutters on the vent as tight as possible. Crystal stood up and backed away from the couch and not two feet away from another vent where crawlers started to swarm in.

Crystal: Vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! ( Tripping and falling over from the sudden scare, the crawlers were almost on her)

Lavy: They got into the vents?? ( Blows a powerful Flamethrower at the bugs, the fire catching to the crawlers still inside the vents)

Tony: Oh crud! The air for the AC is fed from the roof! We totally forgot about it!

Evony: ( Defending Crystal) Are you okay?

Crystal: I…I don’t know…

Tony: ( Goes over to hold Crystal, comforting her) Easy, you’re okay.~ None of those critters got inside you. But it looks like they’re being scared away from something….and what is that dang high pitched noise I hear?! ( Getting annoyed, then hears Joe’s voice over the intercom)

Joe: Hey Tony? We noticed the bugs got inside the vents. Our funny little monk friend did some sort of whistle that drove them crazy and out of the building.

Tony: ( Gets up to answer) We should get something made so he doesn’t have to do that all the time. If we can figure out what frequency drives them crazy we should have it installed. Might be a little annoying though….

Joe: ( On his end from the 4th floor) I know what you mean but we’re gonna have to bear with it. I’ll pass the idea to Franky. ( Hangs up)

Tony: ( Hangs up) I should go help in case there are any loose inside the….(Gets stopped)

Lavy: No wait! Please. If its alright…could you stay with us a little longer? ( Now she was blushing)

Tony looked at the three of them and smiled to himself as he sat down on the couch again. Lavy, Crystal, and Evony felt safer. Having just met him a day or so ago they felt something strange in the depth of their being. Crystal snuggled close as did Lavy and Evony. Tony’s tail swished around happily, purring in a low soft tone to calm their nerves. Eventually he spoke up.

Tony: Do you girls….um….not to be forward or anything…

Lavy: I do.~

Crystal: Me too.~

Evony: Yes.~ Yes I do Tony.~ Its just one of those mysterious things that happen at the rarest times but yes.~~

Tony: Hmmmhmhmhm.~ ( Holding them closer) I feel the same.~ ( Hears someone walking in) Hello?

Another Pokegirl walked in with food and drink. A Zoroark female happily brought in some nourishment. Zora passed out some rationed food and water, then plopped herself next to Tony grinning happily.

Zora: Well hai!~ Eat up, but we gotta make it last! Dunno how long the fighting is going to take. ( Looks at the burnt Crawlers) Ooooh you guys have been busy, heeehheheehee.

Tony: Zora right? Thanks for the food, but it is everything really rationed? ( His ears tilting)

Zora: Yup! We finally got word from the Officials and they suggest rationing everything.

Lavy: Eh, we’ll whipe them out in a few days.

Evony: Lavy, we have two armies fighting over one island.

Lavy: Okay a few weeks to a month, cut me some slack…( Biting into her food)

Zora: ( Looks at Tony) Hey I didn’t know you had a little red light on your forehead.

Tony:…..I don’t. ( Confused and concerned) Do I…OW!! ( Feels something sting him in the head and sees a rifle shell fall to the floor rounded out and mashed)

Zora: Hey we’re trying to eat here! ( Angrily marches over to the window)

Tony: Zora, No! That’s a bad idea! ( Getting up to stop her) Huh?

Zora had vanished. But Tony couldn’t see where. She couldn’t have jumped all the down to the street. But the street itself wasn’t very wide on this side of the RP House, and was an easy jump for Zora. A fight could be seen inside an office where the sniper had tried to shoot Tony. Zora was inside taking out Helghast soldiers. Her head popped out from the window and waved a Helghast helmet to Tony to show who it was. Just as quickly as she left, Zora jumped back into the room, but with some supplies, weapons, armor, and ammo.

Zora: Figured we could use these.~ ( Grinning big, dumping a big pile in the middle of the floor)

Tony: Impressive! ( Smiling a feline grin)

Zora: You think so?~ ( Being modest and cute) Even being a Pokegirl I’ve always wanted a trainer.~

Tony: Really?

Crystal: ( Eating her food) Nom.~ For the most part the reserve was still studying us for any increase in our natural abilities. Our stats for instance.

Zora: But we usually wind up hanging out in the prairie they set up and being bored…

Tony: Hmmmmmm….Zora, maybe you and I could do a little something about these bugs that keep getting inside the building?

Zora: As in trainer and Pokemon/Pokegirl??~~ ( face lighting up)

Lavy: Heeheheheh.~ Fess up, when we met each other you were already blushing.

Zora: Even with that red fur you were blushing tooooo.~ Heeeheheheeheee.~~ Of course Tony I’d love to help!~

Lavy, Crystal, and Evony also volunteered to assist with the bug hunt. Now, in Joe’s location, the scene was a little different. Jolty currently had the Moon God ‘woofing’ at her, Ivory, Ellie, and Sala. Despite being in the middle of a war, Joe’s wolfish nature never took a break. He continued to watch and stare at them as they moved around trying to keep busy. Sala was more annoyed than Jolty was. There was a break in the calm when Sala felt something smack her behind. She swung her tail to strike Joe, but he wasn’t there, and missed cleanly.

Sala: Grrrrrrr…Why did we have to get stuck with the Horn Dog of Snow Cones?

Joe: ( His tail stops wagging) Hey…

Sala: Behave yourself….

Joe: ( His voice changing into a silly, lovable, perv tone) Nooooo, I dun think sooooo.~ By the way, sniper.

Jolty: Snipe…hit the deck!

Sala: What th-AAHHh!! ( Gets pulled to the floor in time before a bullet came through the window and lodged itself into the wall behind her)

Joe: Gotta be more careful. ( Helping her, and the others up, getting situated in a corner)

Sala:…( Now looking at Joe)….(Blushing a little)

Jolty: ( Doing the same)….Huh.

Joe: Huh, what? ( Chuckling a bit)

Sala: ( Smiling a bit) I guess you’re not half bad for a pervy wolf.~

Jolty: Hmmhmm.~ He does have cute wolf ears.

Ellie: Have you tried scratching one of his ears, you should see his tail wag!~ ( Starts scritching Joe’s right wolf ear)

Joe: ( His wolf tail wagging, gets a big grin and tongue sticks out a bit) Woooof.~

Ivory: Hehehehee.~ And he’s been more than man enough to keep us from being harmed.~

Joe: As long as you keep your heads down, heheheh. I’ll make sure we get through this. We’re taking our island back.

The Moon God’s words of determination took the tension out of the room. Considering how high a position he held in the immortal realm of things, he had some strategies of his own. He had more than enough training and understanding of his abilities that dealing with two armies at once, after some preparation, would be somewhat less daunting of a task.

In another room there was a tray of food and drink that had gone untouched and had become cold and lukewarm. Matt had not eaten or drank the day before and up to now. He stayed in his bed and spoke to no one, looked at no one, but the only change in his day was when nature called. Then it was back to his bed. Mayreen and Regina had tried as hard as they could to convince Matt into eating something. The incident with the EMP signal had taken a blow in his ability to do anything. To work, to protect, and to fight back. He didn’t want to hear what those around him were trying to say, it didn’t help. In fact it only made him feel worse because he knew the moment he set foot outside, he would be a heap on the ground again. Mayreen and Rahbie were determined not to let him sulk anymore, and decided more positive reinforcement was needed. They managed to get the help of a few Pokegirls. Namely Scola, Icy, Leafy, and Nymphy.

Then there was Fukuyunso who had ever so quietly made himself at home on a rocking chair. He peacefully would just sit, meditate, read, smoke his pipe, and would have the same calm grin on his face. Each time Matt went to answer the call of nature, out of the corner of his eye, he could tell he was being stared at. The only other emotion he showed the last few hours was aggravation. Without saying a word, the strange little monk was driving him up the wall with his words from the previous day. Matt knew he had to do something to counter his biggest problem, but what good would it do if his entire body goes out from under him? Was there something he didn’t know about himself? Something that had yet to be learned? If so, what would this outsider know about it? Matt returned to his bed again. He had his eyes closed so he didn’t notice three Eevee sisters already in his bed until it was too late.

Matt: ( Lays down, feels something soft around him and has arms wrapping around his) Huh, wha…Dang it all, what’re you three doing?? ( Comically surprised)

Leafy: Ooooh Matty, come on be happy.~

Icy: You can’t stay mopey foever.~

Nymphy: You need to eat something too.~ ( She and her sisters holding him close, and cooing in his ear affectionately)

Matt: Mayreeeeeeeen! Rahbie! Did you put them up to this?? ( A little annoyed)

Mayreen: Oh honey, of course not.~ Heeeheheehee.~ ( Sitting across from the bed)

Rahbie: Oh would we do that?~~~ Hmmmmhmhmhm.~ ( Giggling)

Scola: ( has a plate of food, puts some on a fork) Come on, open wide.~ It’ll help you feel better.~

Matt: …………

Mayreen: Matty….if you’re going to solve your EMP problem you should have a full stomach. Riiiiiight nyan?~~~ ( Winking at him, knowing he can’t argue with her)

Leafy, Icy, Nymphy: ( Their own large busts keeping him from getting away) Hmmhmmm oh you’re warm.~~

Matt: ( Sighs) Okay…okay…( Lets Scola feed him)

Scola: Oh you’re cute when you pout.~ It was a good idea for us to help Mayreen.~

Fukuyunso: Oooooooh, this place is strange but in a fun way, ohohohohohohhoo!

Matt: Nom.~ Okay…I guess I can’t stay like this forever….but I haven’t been able to come up with any solutions either….Nom.

Scola: I think the first solution iiiiiiis….~

Icy: To get you ALL the way happy!~ ( Grinning)

Matt: Hmmmmnnn….What’s All The Way Happy supposed to mean….?

Leafy: To get you WANTING to do something about this war, even if you can’t fight in it.~

Matt: What about protecting my…( Mayreen stops him)

Mayreen: Honey, sshhh.~ I can handle myself and so can the others.~ ( Petting his hair) If its any consolation, these four have become quite smitten with you.~

Leafy, Icy, Nymphy, Scola: Its true.~~ ( All giggling happlily)

Matt: I…Uh…well that does make me feel a bit better….

Scola: Maybe if you talked it out we could help you think?~ ( Continues feeding him)

Matt: Nom.~ Okay…Lets see…Well, I know I need another method of attacking and defending, however, I can’t set foot outside of this building without going limp like I did from before. And if we’re flushed out of the RP House or have to evacuate….

Mayreen: Those are some good points….It sounds like you need a way to counter your weakness.

Matt: I don’t know HOW. That’s the problem. I have no knowledge of what my mental powers can do against EMP frequencies.

Leafy: Have you tried doing any research?

Matt: I haven’t had that much time to do that…I sort have been ‘busy’.

Leafy: Oooh…yeah that…~ ( Sweat dropping)

Scola: So since your brain is artificial is it possible to upgrade it?

Matt: I can’t have this removed or surgically worked on, that would be a big problem unless someone else out there knows something about this…( Tapping his head) But there doesn’t seem to be, so I’m up a river with no paddle unless life decides to throw me a bone then by all means…! ( Nymphy stops his rant, by placing a finger on his lips)

Nymphy: Sssshhh.~~ Now now, you don’t need to get worked up again.~

Fukuyunso: Aaaahh, but it is a quandary, yes it is. Do such people know and study such things?

Matt: Then that’s my next step. But with communications shut down I don’t how I’ll….

Fukuyunso: ( Pointing his book at him, but saying nothing, giving a stern smile)……

Mayreen: ( Her ears tilting) Nyan? What’s that supposed to mean?

Matt: That I’m smarter than that.

Fukuyunso: ( Grinning) Correct. ( He whispered) You smarter than you give yourself debit for.

Rahbie: Eeheheheheh….~ ( Sweat dropping)

Fukuyunso: Ooooooh, ‘credit’. Yes yes. ( Nodding at his mistake and grinning like usual)

Matt: Well, that helped my appetite.

Matt sat up and ate everything that was offered to him and what was allotted. Now on a full stomach, he contemplated how researching for those versed in his brain would be possible. Every electronic device was trashed. So how would one study up on advanced medical practices?

Matt: Its simple…( Speaking to himself)

Scola: Oh you figured it out?~ ( Brightening up)

Matt: Its so simple it hurts. When technology fails, magic steps in. Rahbie, dear?

Rahbie: ( Hands him her bottle) Hmmmhmhmhm.~ Yes Master?~

Matt: ( Rubbing the bottle) I wish….For a ball of crystal. One used for…well you know what I need. ( Smiling at her)

Rahbie: Yay!~ ( Joyfully clapping her hands and a large crystal ball appeared, levitating in front of her master) Done!~ Oh I’m so happy to do that after so long!

Matt: ( Placing his hands on it) Perfect. I can control this just as easily as an average PC.

Leafy: Wonderful! Now what do we do?

Matt: We get comfy…~ Because this might take a while. Mayreen, what’s the latest on the building and outside?

Mayreen: Latest report was we plugged all of our crawler holes. Outside is still the same with all three armies at a stale mate. But the Official’s will be sending us word on orders soon and very soon. Oh! Oh I totally forgot!

Matt: What’s that? ( Looking at her puzzled)

Mayreen: Joe, Tao, and Nami told me that we got a lot more people that moved in. Well, they look like people but they’re not human. You see Dr. Wily has finally lost it and wasn’t able to care for the Robot Masters or for himself. This was before the invasion. The Officials shut down Skull Fortress and Lord Death said that they should stay here since we have the most space. Once you got home you were to head downstairs and meet with them, nya.

Matt: Robot Masters…? ( Blinking three times) Every single Robot Master that Rock has ever done battle with is living in our basement??

Mayreen: ( Shaking her head ‘no’ ) Nnnhm. Joe had to make a wish with Izzy so there is now a sublevel under the basement.

Matt: Oh….wow…( Starting to get excited he almost dropped the crystal ball)

Icy: You seem really happy about this? How come?

Matt: I’ve been a fan of the Mega Man series for years and now that Wily is so senile…This just helps with everything! Hahaaa! I’ll meet with them once I get some data digging finished.

Mayreen: I wouldn’t take too long, they’re all bored and getting restless.

( In the ocean, twenty minutes away from Toonime)

Boat Captain: I can’t believe I’m doing this again….

???: Ah, except this time you have some added protection.~ ( Smiling)

Boat Captain: With all due respect madam, how is SHE going to defend the entire boat from being riddled with rockets, bullets, and munitions of all sorts?? ( Getting excitable and annoyed)

???: Oh she is very capable of defending the boat. This will be much easier of a trip than before I assure you.

Boat Captain: If she has the same abilities will she not be…?

???: No no, she possess an advanced model.

???: Oh looky! Rockets!

Boat Captain: Oh hang it all they already spotted us!!


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