You asked. You begged. Some of you WOULDN’T SHUT UP ABOUT GIVING AWAY A HAT WHEN WE HIT 5,000. Finally, it’s time. It’s time for Luigi and Mom to give away a monster of a prize.

So here’s the rules, chumps:
Thanks for following, kids. You da bes.


You asked. You begged. Some of you WOULDN’T SHUT UP ABOUT GIVING AWAY A HAT WHEN WE HIT 5,000. Finally, it’s time. It’s time for Luigi and Mom to give away a monster of a prize.

So here’s the rules, chumps:






Thanks for following, kids. You da bes.

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Juno Kaka, and OC of Steelteeth13 done with the Girl generator. No hoodie for her since the program is limited but she turned out well I think. :3

Photo Set


Valve why you do this shit

Just…wow…oh wow Valve…What stupid little brat squeaker did you listen to this time?

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Age: Unknown. Looks early 20’s.

Race: Slime girl. Artificial.

Height: Varies but usually stands 5’8”.

Weight: Unknown.

Skin color: Pink

Eye Color: Bright pink.

Bust Size: G but can vary being a slime.

Hip size: Approximately around an 18A pants size but also can vary.

Personality: Blop acts the way she’s colored. Silly, daffy, hyper, random, but very friendly. Can be a tad of an air head. Very happy, sappy, and bouncy. Like a big pink ball of sugary bubble gum but with a mind of her own. She’s a hugger, cuddler, and a bouncer. Yes she like to jump on people and those REALLY good days. Rarely ever moody and instead acts like a go getter when things get tense and takes a positive outlook.

History: Blop was developed by the mob under a hill side condo. The hill itself was a major science operation that delved into all sorts of projects. Blop was one of their first successes but almost by accident. She was “molded” with Nano cells but a electrical surge overloaded the mold her body was formed and the heat from the shock gave her the pink color.

She came out clueless, like a child. Very ignorant but curious. The original concept was a solid body, but the gooey version proved much more useful. Her directive was to store information of all sorts. Both digital and hard copy data could be given to her and she would remember it indefinitely unless ordered through a certain verbal command line and the data would be erased. The mob’s researchers had her stick her finger into a USB slot and she could copy an entire computer’s programming, code, etc. The hard copies would range from USB drives, CD’s, 3.5 and 5.25 discs. Not to mention books, notes, magazines; the list was endless.

Blop couldn’t speak and none of the scientists bothered to do so. Her full name was: Biological Lycinbite Organic Procurer, or Blop for short. The Lycinbyte was the mob’s new discovery in data storage that measured much higher than a Terabyte and to this day is an infinite thing. It wasn’t until Bruce Washinton was brought in by sheer trickery, thinking he was being given a mission from the government. Three key situations happened at the same time that gave Blop her freedom from being fed endlessly where she hardly slept. Bruce was a Gemstone Warrior but had not been found by New Genesis. He discovered who was truly hiring him and started a fire fight.

Blop at the same time wanted to leave and explore the outside world. She was treated like an object instead of a person. Something the mafia scientists didn’t count on. She developed emotions and was turning into an actual person. Their attempt to stifle her emotional growth only led to resentment. During Bruce’s rampage, her air tight holding cell malfunctioned and she managed to slide out and literally ran into Bruce with a big splat. Making her eyes as big and sad as possible he took her away from the facility. The third incident was Troy Silverback having learned some classmates and friends saw something they shouldn’t have, and were murdered by his father’s orders. His outrage passed to his body guard, Brutus. Another successful Nano Cell invention, but he too managed to develop a human understanding. So under Troy’s orders, Brutus began a killing spree that lead to an explosion that wiped out the Silverback lab.

Skills and Abilities: As mentioned before Blop can store an infinite amount of information. For instance, she can take an entire volume of an Encyclopedia on any subject, pop the book into her mouth, swirl it around inside her body for a few seconds, then pulls it out. The book might be a tad gooie but the leftover slime is absorbed back to her body. Whether the data is useful or useless such as trivia, memes, and the like, she can store it and bring it up.

Blop isn’t well trained in combat, but she knows how to defend herself and those around her. Her body and solidify at will and becomes a great shield, and can also catch objects and hurl them back. She is immune to electricity, gas, solid objects like bullets, and does not have to breath. Anything she can mold her body into can be used in a fight. She’s also known to just pick up random objects and start swinging them at an enemy.

Hydration is a key thing for her though. Blop’s body cannot dry up or there’s no way to put her back to normal. The Nano Cells that make up her body, once dried out, could cause her to crack and fall apart, and turn to dust. She also can suffer from being frozen. This puts a toll on her body as it over loads the nano cells and causes her to malfunction and be sluggish. If her body freezes all the way through and the cells break from too much exposure to the cold she could likewise break apart and not reform.

Fun Facts: After Bruce had rescued Blop, much to his annoyance, she lived with him and discovered that Television was a fascinating thing. She had yet to learn English, but had managed to watch a commercial advertising the Snuggy. Somehow she associated Bruce with the products and started calling him Snuggy in a cute, squeaky tone. Then she would envelope him, being the blanket. This usually aggravated Bruce and made for quite a few comical moments. She still calls him Snuggy even after she learned to talk because it makes him blush and drives him nuts.

Blop can make her body bigger by expanding Nano Cells. As long as she’s properly hydrated, she can generate more cells, therefore making her entire body, or parts of it as big as she wants, and lets not forget that she can envelope or smoosh people into her body. The Nano Cells allowing the person to breath. The only time she would do this is to gather info from the person or when she’s being incredibly playful.


The boat captain and his crew prepared for the worst. Upon first impression the young lady and her assistant had to have been half mad to even want to approach the island. But the shorter girl took on a polar opposite demeanor. Instead of acting cute and pleasant she became crazed and very violent. The mortar shells that were speeding toward the boat were turned around in mid air and struck the mortar nest instead. As relieve and surprised as the captain was, he still had no intentions of staying. Once the two ladies set foot on the dock the ship left as fast as possible. The sudden counter attack deflated the Helghast army who had finally rallied their forces to charge the ship dock. The Chimera army took the opportunity to charge and were also shocked to find out that they were flying through the air and either dying from the fall or from being impaled by sharp debris.

This went on for at least three blocks going north. Both armies having their rally plans blow to bits when the two women casually walked the street and sent everything back at their attackers. It was the same invisible force that Matt used, but the EMP field was not affecting them.

???: Hmmm….( Thinking to herself) Oh yes, its as simple as simple can be. Border street, just head to the north…( Looking up) Oh my that is a tall building. ( Examining the boarding house)

???: Oooooooooo look how tall it is!~ ( Blinks) I WANNA KILL MORE BAD GUYS! ( Blinks again) As nice as it looks, we need to head inside quickly before these guys start pitching a fit and send something bigger at us.

It wasn’t a few seconds when the young girl made her statement that a Chimera Stalker and a Helghast Tank rolled onto the street. One south, the other north. The panzer made a ‘clunking’ noise. Obviously readying its cannon, and the Stalker at the same time was taking aim. A few people brave enough to peek through a few of the windows watched the stare down.

Regina: Wh-what are those two doing out there…?

Joe: ( Groaning, watching from another window in the living room, near Regina) Oohhh…A tank and a Stalker…Ladies we hardly knew ye’…

Matt: ( Watching the two from another window) …….How….How is that then same..?

Mayreen: Matty? What are you talking about?

Regina: You mean those two ladies outside?

Fukuyunso: Aaah yes. They emit identical power. Same as yours yet stronger.

Matt: Whaaaaaaaaaat…? You don’t have mental power, so how can you tell?

Fukuyunso: I can.~ ( Grinning) With teaching it is possible.

Mayreen: I know you’re trying to help Fukuyunso, but I don’t care for the idea of my man leaving again.

Tony: ( From one floor up, his voice could be heard as he watched the event outside) You gotta be kidding me!

All eyes turned to the central street to see the tank and the Stalker lifted into the air and flung high into the sky. The young strange girl clenched her fist and both vehicles exploded. Then simultaneously the surrounding troops fell to the ground. Their brains having burst from inside. Those behind their fallen units fell back, not wanting to risk being annihilated too soon.

The taller woman spoke with a German accent, but spoke English very well as she commended her assistant. She had long brown hair, blue eyes, FF bust, and yet had a rear more blessed than her cleavage. She looked to be in her 30’s but the wisdom and experience in her eyes showed she was older but somehow she managed to maintain a younger look. She wore a formal black vest with white prints up and down the buttons. The blouse was the same, and her black skirt reached her ankles and black formal dress heels. She looked as if she was on the island for a business meeting. Her hair reach just above her rear, and was styled in a bun behind her head.

Her assistant was also dressed in formal wear and looked very odd, but seemed to be in her right mind at the moment. From inside the building when she seemed to ‘change’ her pupils would change color. Red for the loud crazed tone, yellow for the calm and polite one. She wore a button up top with a small jacket on top of that, a sleek pair of dress slacks and shoes to match. Her hair was braided with one on each side, and the hair color was black with red highlights. Her bust was FF and sported lightly tanned skin, but it was hardly noticeable from a distance. She knocked on the door.

???: They won’t be coming back for a while, so you can open the door.~ ( Smiling)

Mio: B-but what if there’s a…?

???: Sniper? We cleared them all out.~ There is nothing to worry about for now.

Rahbie: ( Opens the door and brings them in quickly) Welcome to the RP House.~ Well, what’s left of it…( There were holes from explosions from previous attacks in the walls and ceilings, then the taller lady glommed onto her) Aaaah!~ M-Madam??~

???: Must hug!~~ ( Huggling Rahbie)

???: Oh geeze….Control yourself, they don’t know us at all and you’re already glomming them. ( Rolling her eyes)

Sonya: Yes yes, pardon, but I do have this urge to hug people I meet.~ Hmmhmm. My name is Sonya Haugg. This is Alt, my assistant.~

Alt: Hello hello.~ ( Grinning and waving)

Napalm: ( Double takes) Wh-what?

Alt: Oh you had a run in with someone with the same name.

Azure: Nyan?

Alt: It was his evil shadow a few years ago.

Bacon: How do you…?

Alt: I have mental powers like ‘he’ does.~ ( Grinning)

Matt: ( Shakes his head)….Dear lord we were just talking about that.

Sonya: ( Looking over Matt, she seemed to be thinking back to memories gone by as she scooped him up in a tight hug) Oh my poor poor, nephew.~ Your aunty is so sorry about what you had to endure!~

Tony: What….?

Joe: Pumpkin what?

Mayreen, Rahbie: What what and what??

Everyone: Nephew??

Matt: You’re an aunt?? Do I have an aunt with a German accent? ( Thoroughly confused) And you know something about…huh?

Sonya: ( Giving him a cute and stern glare)…..

Matt: Did I say something wrong? ( Scratching his head)

Alt: You said ‘Aunt’.

Matt: Yes I did, does that offend her?

Alt: She wants you to call her ‘Aunty’. Its this mother instinct she has. ( Sighs)

Matt: ( Looks back to Sonya) Uh….Aunty Sonya?

Sonya: ( Still glaring at him humorously)….

Matt:….I’m losing my patients with this, we have a….( Gets interrupted )

Alt: Hold on…( Mentally explains it to Matt) You gotta do it that way.

Matt:….( Looks to Joe and Tony) Don’t make fun of me…

Tony: Huh?? ( His cat ears tilted)

Joe: I make no promises.

Matt: ( Turns back around)……Aunty Sonya!~~~~~

It was like a switch was flipped when Matt spoke in a childish, squeaky tone. Sonya rushed and hugged him even tighter. Both Tony and Joe started snickering until they couldn’t hold their friend’s ridiculousness and started rolling on the floor guffawing. Mayreen, Rahbie, those present either started laughing or snickering, with a few sweat drops here and there. Fukuyunso just sat and barely reacted, if at all.

Matt: Gah….Aunty Sonya! I’d like to breath thank you very much!

Sonya: ( Lets him go and pats his head) Let me look at you.~ Oh you’ve grown into a fine young man.~ (Smiling proudly) But you must be full of questions.

Matt: ( Rubbing his ribs) I am. But even before we get to the BIOS subject, I’d like to know why my mother and father never mentioned you.

Sonya: ( Expression changes, seeming a tad annoyed) Hmmm, yes. Your mother was bound and determined to prevent knowledge of your distant relations from being known. And her lap dog of a husband…You see dearest, even though we may be related very distantly, we do have a strong connection.

Matt: …..Go on. One second though…( To Napalm, Tony, and Joe) Is the main street still clear?

Tony: Yeah they did a really thorough job of clearing out the Helghast and Chimera.

Napalm: No site of any Crawlers either.

Joe: Yeah everything looks good outside…and inside, woof woof.~ ( Looking at Sonya)

Matt: Oi…Don’t hit on my aunt.

Joe: Woof, them hips.~ ( Tail wagging)

Mayreen: ( To Sonya) How are you and Matty related? I didn’t think he had any German in him. ( Ears tilted)

Sonya: He has more Irish in him, but he does have some small amount of German in his blood. I know, and several others in Europe know about the scandal that Randalf Yechmanov was guilty of…and this is where I need to apologize because we ‘were’ watching you for some time, but then we hit a breakthrough in our research….By then Yechmanov’s had stolen away my late husband, who you know as Dr. Curls.

Matt: ( Eyes grow wide)…..That was….He was….?

Rahbie: Your late husband gave Master that BIOS brain?!

Sonya: It was an untested prototype, but it worked well beyond expectation.

Matt: ( Rubbing the sinuses on his forehead) Let me get this straight…you ‘were’ watching me to make sure me and the brain were functioning properly, and all of a sudden you drop everything like a hot potato over a “breakthrough”?

Sonya: Mmm, yes…Where are you going with this? ( Unsure)

Mayreen: While you were having your breakthrough, at age 10 he was about to have his head cut open. ( Becoming rather cross)

Sonya: Yes I apologized…well, maybe I didn’t get to the point of as to why…

Rahbie: Then it happened again.


Alt: ( Checking Matt’s memories) Oh we did MORE than drop the ball on this one, Sonya…

Matt: Dropped the ball, dropped me, you just up and forsook your “relative” for SCIENCE! If you were watching me then why in the name of all that’s reasonable did you not send a RELATIVE to deal with Y Corp and Yechmanov?! Why did you decide to FINALLY show up after two attempts at my life!

Sonya: Now now, Matthew you mustn’t act that way, you lived so you haven’t reason to….

Matt: I got all the reasons I want! Aunty Sophia! I’ve been through hell trying to come back, my friends have gone all over creation trying to find me, and Rahbie, and then come back to for all hell to break loose! The crap hitting the fan has not stopped and you have the GAUL to waltz in here NOW??

Regina: You mean she could have helped you a long time ago and she didn’t?

Marianne: This sounds like a priority issue Ms. Haugg.

Rouge: Matty helped Pullum and myself, and truth be told this must be the most tactless and irresponsible thing I’ve ever heard of.

Alt: Okay, okay! ( Waving her hands) We get it, we screwed up! Lets stop ganging up on Sonya and maybe get past all that and possibly do so something about the EMP issue? Huh? Maybe?

Leafy: Good point, since you have the same powers as Matty does, how did the EMP not affect you?

Sonya: ( Trying to control her emotions from being yelled at) I…erm..excuse me…( Blows her nose) What Matt has now is outdated, and it will need to be upgraded to Alt’s level or higher. There is a woman who has the latest BIOS hardware and is in the middle of genetic project. This involves Pokemon or rather Pokegirls. I believe its safe for me to tell you that she is in the process of making a female Mewtwo and she has much more advanced BIOS Brain that would more than defend you from EMP and electrical shock.

Fukuyunso: Ooooooh upgrade and new training? A full plate you have.

Matt: I never actually said yes to go tracing off to do any training.

Fukuyunso: But you should. Yooooou should. Wise man knows when to fall back to different techniques. You are wise man, but not wise enough.

Mayreen: ( To Fukuyunso) Listen I don’t mean to be rude, but you better stop pestering my man you grinning little gnome! ( Ears flattening and eyes turning a bit feral)

Joe: Heeeeeeeeeey! Everyone calm thy Mammeries! ( Waving his hands)

Tony: Oh lord, Joe…( Face palming)

Joe: Lets think about this m’kay? Matt needs different training, that’s true, he also needs an upgrade, also true. But if he steps outside of this building he’s gonna be a limp body. ( To Fukuyunso) Pretty sure you know enough about the human body if the brain goes, so does the rest of the body?

Tony: Thats right, and we don’t have the facilities here to do any sort of upgrade. Our main priority is destroying whatever is generating this EMP field. Now the only people well capable of doing so is me, Joe, and Napalm.

Sonya: Alt and I should go as well.

Joe: ….Sonya I think its a better idea for you to stay and explain some details to your nephew.

Felicia: Nyan is this a good idea for you boys to head in the middle of all THAT?

Tony: Its okay kitten.~ ( Petting Felicia’s ears) Look, we a Moon God, you got me, you got a Gemstone Warrior and a team of high ranking GS’s. I’m very sure we’ll bust a hole in their defenses long enough to wreck their EMP gizmo.

Rodney: It would make for a good push. We just got a message from the Officials. We know where the EMP machine is.

Blain: And we also have a plan to add some salt to their wounds.

Joe: The salt feels. I like it.~ ( Grinning)

With a lull in the action, all of Toonime was so silent one small movement could make a person jump out of their skin. The Helghast and Chimera fell back for the time being. Toonime’s forces were also girding themselves for a counter attack. Much to the advisement of their lieutenants, Lord Death specifically was determined to fight back.

Lord Death: ( In the Toonime HQ bunker, a few sub-levels under the main Toonime office building) What sort of leaders would we be if we didn’t help fight. We know our limits and we know our enemy has not seen the likes of Toonime’s Oligarchy.

Photo Set
This is my first slime girl OC Blop. Made with the anime girl generator. She seems to be a bit warm. :3 But yeah thats Blop.~ Cute, pink, goo girl.

This is my first slime girl OC Blop. Made with the anime girl generator. She seems to be a bit warm. :3 But yeah thats Blop.~ Cute, pink, goo girl.



"People your age shouldn’t be playing video games"

"People your age shouldn’t be buying toys"

"People your age shouldn’t be…"


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We broke dogbread. :-(

Holy crap I’m the spy on the right! 8D

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